A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday, and as per a new tradition I have started, I made my own cake.  I do this because I get to customize the dessert, test recipes on my family, and avoid the store bought cakes, which frequently have trans fat and processed flour in them.  Usually I go with a Boston Creme pie, but this year I decided to do a peanut butter chocolate cake.  I stumbled on this recipe from smitten kitchen and after looking at the pictures was sold.

Since my mother and I theorize that processed flour is the cause of many of our food woes, I decided to substitute sprouted flour 1 : 1 in this recipe as an experiment.  Sprouted wheat flour is heavier, thicker, and more glutinous than its all purpose counterpart, so I was unsure of how things were going to turn out.  After about half a day of baking, frosting, glazing and chilling, I was left with this:

Not only did it look great, but my whole house smelled like chocolate and peanut butter for a few days afterward.  I was still a bit concerned, as the cake ended up weighing a ton!  However, it ended up being a smash hit at my family party, with people saying it was my best dessert yet.  Though the cake turned out heavier and denser, it was still delicious, albeit not traditionally light and fluffy.  As a bonus, it took a longer amount of time to eat each piece, which made accidental pigging out very difficult.  This cake is very rich, but totally worth it!

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