A few months ago I went to Oregano’s and had their Oregano’s Favorite Salad.  It has a bunch of delicious ingredients, but one really caught my attention…the sun dried tomatoes.  They were bursting with flavor!

Fast forward to the summer and my grandpa has an abundance of tomatoes from his garden.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try making my own sun dried tomatoes.

I read about the process online, and found out you can literally leave them out in the sun to dry.  In the Phoenix heat, I figured this probably wouldn’t take long…but I decided I wanted more control over the process, so I found an oven-dried tomato recipe here.  The recipe called for Roma tomatoes, but I figured I would try it with the on the vine variety that I got for free.

I started by cutting the tomatoes in half and brushing them with the oil/salt/sugar mixture.


The four halves on the bottom came from the garden, and the ones on the top were store bought (I wanted to try both varieties).

Into the oven they went!  Here they are after about 4 hours.

After about 6 hours they looked like this.

I decided that they needed more time, so I stuck them back in the oven.  After 8 hours, this was the result.

I tried one right after cooking – they were packed with flavor!  I decided to take some and make a sun dried tomato vinaigrette, with a recipe I found here.  The vinaigrette turned out great too!

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